Winners of the #CIPeekPic Classroom Beauty Pageant!

Oh my word, everyone! Do you have ANY idea how hard this was for us? We were honestly overwhelmed by the creativity, beauty and LOVE that we felt inside your classrooms. You are ALL winners! We can only have 3 official winners…however, some of you really tugged at our heartstrings and we decided to have some “honorable mentions” as well. Thank you SO MUCH for entering our contest, and for those who didn’t win this time, we will have another contest coming up for you in just a few weeks, so keep reading CI Peek!

Winners, please send an email to to claim your prize!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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1 Comment

  1. John Sifert

    Thanks to all the judges of the contest. I am very excited to have won 4 novels! Thank you for your generosity! My students and I really appreciate it!!!!


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