Win 2016 iFLT registration!


Are you interested in attending the 2016 iFLT conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee?

We are going to hold a drawing and ONE lucky person will win a free registration** to iFLT!

There are 2 steps you need to take to be entered to win!

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  2. Leave us a comment on this post below! Please tell us why you hope to attend iFLT in your comment.

We will hold a random drawing of all of the readers who have completed these 2 steps, and the winner will be announced on APRIL 5, 2016! The winner will be notified by e-mail and announced here! Enter by midnight April 3, 2016 EDT.

**Please note, the prize is registration. The winner is responsible for transportation and lodging costs associated with attending the conference.


  1. Christine Meyer

    Having implemented CI just this year with my Latin students, I feel the need for a focused saturation of methods at the conference. Because most in my WL department have not demonstrated interest in CI, especially my other Latin colleague, I wish to gain expertise from Krashen and Patten themselves in terms of making the case for the pedagogical switch.


  2. Angelica

    It would be fantastic to be the lucky winner to attend this conference. I would love to attend but my school does not have funds to support professional development and I am not able to afford it by myself. It would be really beneficial for me and my students. Good luck everyone.


  3. Andrea

    I would love to attend this conference, because I have only been using tprs/ci strategies for the past three years and I would love to learn more!


  4. Brett Chonko

    I only started using comprehensible input methods this January, and the results are already drastic! My students are learning so much more, and I’m just at the beginning of my practice! I can’t wait to get some more training!


  5. I left my beloved TPRS classroom last fall to work as a clinical supervisor of postbacs pursuing K12 licensure in world languages. I would like to attend iFLT this year to develop my coaching skills to better support future language teachers.


  6. I attended the National TPRS conference last year and came back enthused and ready to go ( so I thought), but like so many others before me, found it not as easy to implement as it looks. I really need more training from the experts if I am to really make this a reality in my classroom, and I love everything the presenters for CI have to show us. I am so eager to change the way I teach so that I see a class of happy, motivated students everyday rather than what I am seeing now. I want to put the joy back into learning a language for my students, and I have seen that in action with TPRS and CI methods! I have been been teaching for 24 years and want to change the way I do things, so I really need to attend iFLT this year!


  7. Andrea Maurice

    I would very much like to attend the iFLT conference because this past year was my first year implementing CI through TPRS in my classroom.
    I can tell students are really picking up on concepts, language, grammar, etc. but I also know that I can do a MUCH better job with some training.

    I saw Carol Gaab at the OFLA conference last year(2015) and also observed a couple energetic language teachers implementing similar strategies and was convinced that this was the way to teach. Frankly, I think summer is a great time to attend a conference because one is totally rested and can therefore soak it all in.

    This past year was my first year teaching middle school / high school. I look forward to learning techniques that I can use for my introductory courses, all the the way through to Spanish III. Thank you for your consideration and hope to see you in Tennessee!


  8. Jordan

    I am in my second year of teaching and am working in a department dedicated to CI and TPRS methods. We attended iFLT last year for the first time, hoping to implement the use of novels, CI, and TPRS into our curriculum. After almost a full year of using these methods, I can honestly say it has been a very enjoyable experience! I really would like to attend this conference again to see things from a different perspective (having used these methods for a year). I think this would benefit me as a beginning teacher! Every little bit of practice and exposure helps!


  9. Tammy Osborne de Gomez

    This is my first year officially teaching Spanish. I have been tutoring and helping students of all ages for years, and now that I am in a school I really want to fine tune my teaching skills. A colleague has introduced me to TPRS and I am intrigued and have tried to mimick some of the lessons. I really want to learn more so the kids can get the maximized benefit and fall in love with learning Spanish just as I did years ago. Thank you for this opportunity!!


  10. Lina

    Having learned about Dr. Krashen’s Language acquisition theory, I started doing research on TPR’s method. I found a lot of information on this website and on youtube. I’ve started using it with my beginner elementary Spanish students and, as a result I’ve noticed that before I had expected, they started shouting phrases in the TL that make sense . However, I still need a lot of improvement which I know I’ll achieve by attending this training.


  11. Caitlin Bradway

    Hmm how do I express how crucial this conference would be for myself and my team. I’ve switched to CI/TPRS this year and would love attend a conference and meet presenters/attendees that have implemented this in their classroom. I have so many questions. Anytime I read a blog, I get 1 question answered but 5 more come to mind. I love the possibilities of where proficiency teaching can take my students and this conference could do that for myself. Good luck to all other participants 🙂


  12. Having just switched to CI this year, I would gain so much from this conference. I am currently the driving force behind this change and so I really need to know my stuff so I can convince others to get on board! With no real “world languages” budget, I have a hard time getting my school to pay for training.


  13. RTrevino

    Because I tell myself daily I stink at this TPRS/CI. I know I can do better, but how? Currently, I use the novels and teacher manual’s to assist my student’s in acquiring Spanish more naturally. I attended Scott Benedict’s conference in Wichita 3 years ago and though I try and follow the TPRS/CI community and what they are doing, I continue to feel overwhelmed and inadequate as a TPRS/CI teacher. So, I enrolled myself (reflexive!) in a master’s graduate program in curriculum instruction and design. I really want to design a better plan for teaching my student’s using TPRS/CI, but I need more information, training, and resources…no matter the cost, literally, $$$. Being that I work at a non-for-profit school, my pay is the reward of the student’s learning the target language more than the little I receive in monetary compensation. Sigh!


  14. Kristi Lentz

    Excited for getting this collaboration and training on using stories and other CI in the classroom! I really just started using stories more this year and what I can see so far is great fruit in students’ comprehension. Can’t wait to learn more!


  15. Carry

    I am a first year Spanish teacher. I’m new to TPRS/CI and I would LOVE to attend iFLT to make connections with like-minded language educators and learn more about strategies, stories, and how it all works.


  16. Anne

    I so very much would love to be able to attend. I am trying to employ TPRS and I need to be better at it. It would be awesome if I could attend! Thank you for having this drawing!!!


  17. Mindy Baker

    I am a Spanish teacher wanting to gain more knowledge and expertise in TPRS. For the last several years I have been adding more and more of these strategies to my classroom and I see the benefits! I definitely would love to attend.


  18. Renee koeneman

    Who won?


  19. Cristina

    I started to incorporate TPRS and CI during my last semester as a student at the University of Hawaii in the fall of 2014. At that time, I was already working with high school students and I was able to see positive results. I would love to attend the conference in Tennessee because I still have a lot to learn and I want to offer my students the best possible lerning experience. Thank you very much for your generosity.


  20. Chris B.

    I am a Latin teacher who has adopted several CI methods into my Latin 1 class especially, but I am very much a novice. I am still trying to learn basic techniques and although I have attempted TPRS, I really need more hands-on practice. If I were to go to iFLT this July, I believe that I would have a much greater understanding of how to teach with CI and TPRS, and I would love to learn face-to-face with all these magnificent teachers I know from Twitter and other social media. Latin teachers have really benefited from such methods; teaching with CI is not only a great way to increase students’ interest in our language, but also a way of actively demonstrating Latin’s continued importance in society. It also allows us to teach reading, our primary goal, in a much more captivating manner. The little steps that I have taken in CI with my Latin 1 class this year prove to me that these strategies engage and include all students. For these reasons, I am very interested in attending iFLT this summer.


  21. senorablanco

    I really hope to hone a lot of my TCI practices this year, and being in a new dept., I’m going to have to merge a lot of creativity and innovation with their text and what I’ve seen be successful with TCI. I’m excited, and it would be great to have some help with that cost!


  22. Ruth

    Hi, I attended the last conference held in the DR as a Spanish student wanting to experience learning through the method. I took some of the optional afternoon classes. I need a booster shot!!!! And would love the teacher training- since I experienced it as a student last time. Not sure if my school will be able to pay or not- and I live in town. No travel required. Thank you so much for your generosity!!!!!


  23. Kyla

    CI just makes sense and I’ve never been to a conference based on it. I really need this to take my implementation further.


  24. Hello!

    After a year of implementing TPRS/CI in the classroom from readings and ocassional workshops, I am in the need of a strong training from the experts.


  25. Kim

    I attended the conference last year at Tartan and it was hands down the most enlightening and exhilarating PD I have had in over 20 years teaching! It was on my dime, but I was only able to attend because I lived so close.

    This is my first year using CI with the aid of TPRS materials and ideas from the awesome CI community. I’m far from perfect, but driven by crazy passion to learn more…Including listening to TeaW/BVP, learning Mandarin w/Fluency Fast, etc. My students are thriving… even the ones on learning plans are empowered…THANK YOU!!


  26. SraArnold

    It would be awesome to win this registration. I love learning about effective strategies in second language acquisition and comprehensible input. I am a long-life learner and this training would be a great opportunity for me to interact in person with Carol, Carrie, Martina, Kristy, Grant, Ben, and many more experts in TPRS/CI and get inspired to create a meaningful curriculum and modify current units for my students. Thank you for your kindness.


  27. Maria Gonzalez

    I think that this conference would be a wonderful opportunity for me. I am just finishing up my first year as the only Spanish I teacher at my high school. I have started dipping my toes into CI/TPRS teaching and my students are enjoying it so much more than the textbook/extensive vocabulary/quizzes work that we had been doing throughout the first semester. I have been in contact with other CI/TPRS teachers through the FB page that is available and I am convinced even more everyday that this is the right step in the kind of teacher I want to be for my students.


  28. Rebekah Sledge

    After my first year of teaching I am sure that I want and need to design a CI based classroom. This conference would be a fantastic springboard toward my goal.


  29. kathy

    It is time to “up my game”! I attended last year’s conference for the first time. I had to pay for it myself and would love to be able to attend this year! I teach 4 levels of junior high and high school Spanish and use a big mix of novels and TPRS curriculum.. I have tried movie talk a few times and struggle to keep class comprehensible and in the TL! I would like to add more and get really good at this!



    I am so excited for this conference to make connections, network and very lies of ideas.


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