What if I’m just fed up with my students’ attitudes about language?

Carrie Toth shares her journey from frustration to a-ha as she discovered teaching with Comprehensible Input! This post is a must-read for anyone experiencing the January doldrums!

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If you are, I’d say you’re standing on the same cliff edge that I stood on in 2006!  I was frustrated by my scores on my first attempt at National Board Certification, I was saddened by apathy about language learning and homework.  I was heartbroken that in spite of my best efforts the students were not using language after high school (the vast majority). I was down that they were great at quizzes but terrible at any type of interpersonal interaction.  I felt like I was 12 years into a career that didn’t feel like fun!  So I jumped off.

If you’re feeling brave, let me tell you about the results first: (We are a school of 365 students with 1.5 Spanish teachers, average size of graduating class 80, average class size 20)

  • current retention rate appx. 65% across the four year program (55 level 1 to 36 level 4)

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  1. Genius ideas!

    I made the Gallo Pinto for my students last year and even though I soaked the black beans overnight, they still were too firm and a bit dry. I’ve eaten this dish when I was in Costs Rica and I don’t recall the beans being like that . Do you have a tried and true recipe to share?


    1. placidok

      Make black beans and rice or red beans and rice from a mix like Zatarain’s. Close enough! You can buy Salsa Lizano on Amazon! 🙂


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