Flat Brandon


To kick off our new blog, CI Peek, we decided to celebrate with something really fun. You’ve probably heard of Flat Stanley. He’s a little paper guy who travels the world. Well, TPRS Publishing is proud to introduce Flat Brandon! Brandon Brown would love to travel the world and see all of the cool places he’s been dreaming of. To enter this contest, you need to print out your Flat Brandon, send him or carry him to a location where you think he could have a great adventure, and pose him for a creative photo. YOU do not have to appear in the photo unless you want to, so feel free to send to a friend! Your photo does not need to be international to win. We are looking for CREATIVITY and FUN!

Next, you enter the contest by posting your photo on Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #flatbrandonCIPeek and tag @tprspublishing. You may also enter on facebook by posting your photo on the TPRS Publishing facebook page with the hashtag #flatbrandonCIPeek. We will select our favorite photo on February 15 and announce our winner on February 16! The winner will receive a class set of 30 9-month Flip Book E-course subscriptions to the novel of his or her choice (limited to current availability). All Flip Book E-courses include an online novel, audiobook and pre- and post-reading activities and comprehension quizzes.

Have fun!

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